Me, Myself and I

Want to learn a little about me? Well here are a few fun facts about me!

  1. I was born in 1995.
  2. I am an aprising author.
  3. I am an American.
  4. I am a military wife.
  5. I live overseas, in Okinawa!
  6. I am Catholic.
  7. I am Plant Based! (Most of the time anyways 😉)
  8. I am a dog mom to three furbabies!
  9. I have loved to read as long as I can remember. 
  10. I am the youngest of six kids.
  11. My family is my world! ❤️
  12. I am a Cancer. 
  13. My favorite song is Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden.
  14. Being debt free is my main goal right now.
  15. I am extremely talkative 90% of the time. 
  16. I love to watch TV, but almost never make it through an entire movie in one sitting. 
  17. I am OBSESSED with all things Harry Potter.
  18. I am a very proud Hufflepuff!
  19. I love Coke and Dr. Pepper, but hate Pepsi.
  20. I am a total beach baby! 
  21. I am not musical or artistic, but I wish I was both!

Now that you know a little bit more about me, what are some cool facts about you? 

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