Am I a Nerd? 

While I have always loved reading, I never really considered myself a nerd. I never participated in action figures or comic books or weird games. So that meant I wasn’t a nerd.

Well I made friends with a girl that is most definitely a nerd. And guess what. She doesn’t care that she is a nerd. She talks about her comic books and her obsessions and I thought it was really cool. So I decided that I wanted to learn a little more about nerd stuff! 🤓🤓

Step 1: Read a Batman comic book (I actually enjoyed it!)

Step 2: Star Wars Marathon (While it wasn’t an actual “marathon” and I am still working on it, I am still enjoying watching them!)

Step 3: Learn how to play Magic (Okay this one I really enjoyed! I’m even thinking about building my own deck!)

So now that I am participating in all these things and enjoying, I have to ask myself. Am I a nerd?

Honestly, I don’t care anymore. Why does it matter?

So, are you a nerd? What are your nerdy habits?

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