Toasting in the New Year!

Welcome to the Future! 2018 is Finally Here!

I am starting this year like I always do. With a long list of resolutions and goals. Some people find resolutions stupid, but I love it. Even though I have never succeeded in completing one, I still make them EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

So here’s to completing our resolutions this year!

My Professional Resolutions:

  1. Edit Current Manuscript
  2. Query Current Manuscript
  3. Write 3 New Manuscripts
  4. Edit at least 2 of the New Manuscripts
  5. Self-Publish 1 Novel
  6. Keep Instagram, Twitter and Blog Active

My Personal Resolutions:

  1. Read at least 60 Books
  2. Lose 60 pounds
  3. Graduate with my AA
  4. Be Halfway done with my BA
  5. Be an “Adult” – Keep my House Clean, Take my Dogs to the Dog Park, etc.

I am really excited for all that 2018 is going to bring and I can’t wait to share it with y’all! So I’m ready to raise my glass and toast in the New Year! Are you?

What are your New Years Resolutions this year?

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