The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley


This has been one of the hardest ratings I have ever done. Overall this book both really intrigued me and really disappointed me. I love the concept and the relationship between Amber and Liam but was let down by several aspects. It was an easy, quick read that did not take any mental effort to get through. I do not actually recommend it though unless you are able to overlook all the issues with it.


I love the concept of this book. I love that it tackles a variety of common social and family problems, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, pregnancy, and miscarriage, without making light of any of them. The unique relationship between Amber and Liam was extremely interesting to me. He was her savior but also her worst enemy. She was his personal angel.


This book had so many issues. The technical aspects of the writing were extremely disappointing. If I had been judging this book purely on the writing itself, I would give it only 1 star. The repetition in this book drove me crazy. In the span of three sentences, the words “charged” and “charges” were used a total of four times.
It goes beyond the technical aspects though. The timeline of this story was absurd. We meet them on day one and Amber hates “daytime” Liam, but loves “nighttime” Liam. However, after spending only one day together, she realizes she was completely wrong about him, even though she has hated him for years. They kiss and everything has changed. She can’t stand being touched by anyone except for her mom, brother, and Liam, but even Liam freaks her out sometimes. Within a week, she has sex with him though. It was absurd.

Amber is supposed to be a survivor of sexual abuse, who cannot stand to be touched, but she has sex with Liam within a week of first kissing him. While there is a lot of build up before the sex and the reader sees her struggling with the decision, the amount of time that it took her to be comfortable really bothered me.

I gave this book three stars, but I cannot decide if I actually recommend it or not.


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