Juggling Ideas

I’m going to be honest here. I am not good at juggling ideas. I get bored very easily and want to move on to the shiny new idea that caught my attention. This is the reason I have yet to finish any of my WIPs. I get halfway through a draft and a new idea comes along and I just switch.

But it is something I am trying to work on.

I am currently trying to finish the first draft of my NA Romance about Bex and Nate. I have been struggling through it, but I honestly love these characters and this story so much that I am trying to push through.

But … I just got a bright and shiny new idea that has captured my heart and mind.

So how do I keep working on the hard one when all I want to do is switch and show some love to these new characters filling my every thought?

I wrote down what I knew about this new story and made an aesthetic for it. (Because aesthetics are my weakness. They are my way of being productive without actually putting words on the page.)

Now I need to go back to Bex and Nate. I need to return to them so I can finish their story. I need to finish their story so I can commit my whole self to my new idea. It it really hard for me to know that I have unfinished drafts. Once a draft is finished, I can let it rest without feeling guilty, but abandoning a project half-way through a draft eats at me until I return to it.

I have attempted to work on more than one project at a time in the past, but was never successful at it. It is much easier for me to focus on one project—one world—at a time. This way I can get to know the characters on a much deeper level.

How do you handle the shiny, new ideas? Any tips or tricks you want to share? Or are you like me? Easily bored. Easily distracted.


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  1. Aesthetics are a good way to get the idea down! I have a notebook dedicated to ideas that I jot down every random thought I have so nothing gets lost, like putting a tack in it.


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