Comic Review: Fantastic Four (1961) #2

20437151._SX318_Fantastic Four (1961) #2

THE SKRULLS ATTACK EARTH! From deep in space comes the Skrulls. A shape changing alien race with one goal, to destroy the Fantastic Four and conquer Earth. Can Reed Richards come up with a plan to stop them in time? (Synopsis from

Writer: Stan Lee

Illustrator: Jack Kirby

Published: January 1, 1962

Fantastic Four (1961) #2 is the first appearance of the Skrulls. I was taken off guard by the start of this comic, which I have a feeling is exactly what I was supposed to feel. It was the perfect way to start the second comic in this series.

This one had a lot more action and character development that the first issue. We learned a lot more about what to expect from the Fantastic Four.

There was so much action. I loved that it got started right away and we saw them facing off with the enemy from the beginning. It was much more fast-paced than the first one.

I was a bit confused about what happened to the fourth Skrull. I might have overlooked a few details, but the explanation just didn’t make sense to me. It ruined kind of ruined it for me. I didn’t like closing the comic with unanswered questions.

Overall, I enjoyed it, but I’m hoping they continue to improve as I go.

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