Comic Review: Fantastic Four (1961) #5

20451196._SX318_Fantastic Four (1961) #5

Let’s see, what’s the most awesome thing about this issue? The first appearance of Dr. Doom? Thing wearing an eyepatch, pretending to be a pirate? Yeah, it’s all pretty great. (Synopsis from

Writer: Stan Lee

Illustrator: Jack Kirby

Published: July 01, 1962

Fantastic Four (1961) #5 is the first appearance of Dr. Doom! Time travel, pirates, and magic—what’s not to love?

Doctor Doom! This is one Marvel character that I had heard of but didn’t know anything about. I really enjoyed getting to know him in this issue. I wanted more from him though. We didn’t spend very much time with him, unfortunately.

But he isn’t the only one that we got to know. We got to see another side to the Thing in this comic, which I really enjoyed.

I think this might be my favorite Fantastic Four comic so far. I loved getting to see the time travel and Blackbeard. It was a fun, quick read. The ending was a bit rushed. I would have liked to have seen a little more about how they escaped, but there was no other part that I would have wanted to sacrifice in order to do so. It just seemed too easy.

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