Comic Review: Journey Into Mystery (1952) #84

25771747._SX318_Journey Into Mystery (1952) #84

Thor may have the strength to stand up to the deadly Executioner, but does Donald Blake have the courage to share his heart with the lovely nurse Jane Foster? In the tiny country of San Diablo, political leader the Executioner has developed an international reputation for cruelty! Can Thor fight through an entire country’s military forces to save the day? (Synopsis from

Writer: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber

Illustrator: Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers

Published: September 01, 1962

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #84 introduces Jane Foster, Thor’s love interest. This issue was much better than the first one! I am getting used to this new Thor (or I guess old Thor). This one definitely wasn’t as face-paced as the first one and there wasn’t nearly as much action, but it was still an improvement. It still isn’t my favorite storyline, but if it continues to improve, then I might continue reading it.

I liked getting to meet Jane Foster. She is a nurse instead of a scientist, but she is still Thor’s love interest. I love seeing Dr. Donald Blake crush on her. It was a good sub-plot to include in this comic.

The executioner was a lack-luster villain. One that did not feel worthy of Thor. Thor is meant for so much more than getting involved in a foreign country’s civil war. I understand why Dr. Donald Blake was there and why he used Thor to save himself, but it was not impactful enough. Unfortunately, I was still left wanting more out of this issue.

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