Comic Review: Amazing Fantasy (1962) #15

detail (2)Amazing Fantasy (1962) #15

Writer: Stan Lee

Illustrator: Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko

Published: August 10, 1962

Amazing Fantasy (1962) #15 features the introduction of Spider-Man, along with 3 other stories–The Bell Ringer, Man in the Mummy Case, and There Are Martians Among Us.

I really enjoyed this comic! It is the same series as the Amazing Adult Fantasy, but they cut the word “Adult” from the name. There is a letter from the editor in this issue that explains the changes.

Spider-Man was introduced in this comic and his origin story is the most similar to the modern movies that I have found so far. I liked that I already knew the story, but there were still things I didn’t know.

Spider-Man looked really old for his age though, which bothered me. I wanted him to look younger. He was also extremely unlikable. While no one deserves to get picked on, Peter Parker came across as annoying. Then when he becomes spider-man, he was so rude. He came across as someone who didn’t care about anyone else.

As for the other three stories, they were short, easy reads. They were exactly what I was expecting from an issue of Amazing Fantasy. I think The Bell-Ringer was my favorite, but I liked all three.

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