Comic Review: Fantastic Four (1961) #9

23384409Fantastic Four (1961) #9

When the Fantastic Four go bankrupt, they’re invited to S.M. Studios to make the movie about their life in order to recoup their funding. Little do they know that S.M. Studios is owned by one of their greatest enemies! (Synopsis from

Writer: Stan Lee

Illustrator: Jack Kirby

Published: December 01, 1962

Fantastic Four (1961) #9 shows the downfall of the Fantastic Four and how they overcome when all is thought lost.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that so far The Sub-Mariner is my favorite villain in this Fantastic Four series. He is the most determined foe they have faced. He just keeps coming back with new, creative ways to try and beat his enemies.

I really don’t understand how the Fantastic Four actually fell for this. How did they not know this was going to go wrong?

I’m still confused as to the relationship between Susan and Reed. She actually said she would say yes if he hadn’t tricked them. Maybe everyone else doesn’t care, but I do! Are they together or not?

Ben! I loved the Thing’s storyline in this one. First, we got to see that he is still friends with Alicia, which I thought was awesome, and then we get to see him turn back into Ben even if for only a little bit.

This was the end of the first Fantastic Four saga. I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the next set!


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