Comic Review: Fantastic Four (1961) #10

Fantastic Four #10Fantastic Four (1961) #10

Dr. Doom impersonates Reed Richards so that he may use Richards’ shrink ray to finally defeat the Fantastic Four! (Synopsis from

Writer: Stan Lee

Illustrator: Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers

Published: January 10, 1963

Fantastic Four (1961) #10 features the return of Doctor Doom. Doctor Doom is a really interesting villain and I was waiting for his return.

I have mixed feelings about this issue. While I really enjoyed it, there were certain things I didn’t like.

I loved seeing a different side of the Thing. It talked about his relationship with Alicia and he was extremely protective of her, which warmed my heart. He wasn’t as angry and bitter as I had grown to expect from him. His fight with Johnny seemed much more playful than it ever had been. I think this was a move in the right direction for his character.

As for the break in the forth wall, I don’t know how I feel about it. Writing Lee and Kirby into the story took away from the story itself. However, it clears up other interesting details. In a previous issue, Johnny was reading a Hulk comic. By writing Lee and Kirby into this world, those comics don’t seem so out of place. But I still don’t like it.

Kirby did a really good job on this issue. I have loved watching the subtle differences between the issues. The Thing doesn’t look as blurry he used to. He has become a much more defined shape with specific characteristics. Reed’s character looks a lot better than he did in the first few issues. I think the graphics have definitely improved since this series started.


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