Comic Review: Fantastic Four (1961) #11

25808332._SY475_Fantastic Four (1961) #11

At last the Fantastic Four meet a foe whose power is even greater than theirs! Here is: The Impossible Man! (Synopsis from

Writer: Stan Lee

Illustrator: Jack Kirby

Published: February 10, 1963

Fantastic Four (1961) #11 is very different than everything else so far in the series, but that was done on purpose. Lee and Kirby had received a lot of requests to show the reader what everyday life is like for the Fantastic Four. So that is exactly what they did.

The first half of this issue was slow. However, even with it being slow, I still liked getting to know more about the members of the Fantastic Four. We learned how Ben and Reed became friends. It talked about the tension in Sue and Reed’s relationship. Johnny acted like the kid he is supposed to be.

Then they faced The Impossible Man. This character was hilarious. He was like a giant toddler and there was nothing the Fantastic Four could do except ignore him and hope he would go away. I felt this on so many levels.

There were a few jokes that I feel went over my head. I think they were probably really funny when this was originally published, but I just didn’t get them. It was disappointing, but there isn’t really a way to fix that.

I probably won’t reread this issue, but it was a cool change of pace and I enjoyed it.


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