Comic Review: Fantastic Four (1961) #14

25808350._SY475_Fantastic Four (1961) #14

The Puppet Master has gained control over the Sub-Mariner and hatches a plan to finally ensnare and defeat the Fantastic Four. (Synopsis from

Writer: Stan Lee

Illustrator: Jack Kirby

Published: May 10, 1963

Fantastic Four (1961) #14 features the Puppet Master as he takes control of the Sub-Mariner.

The Sub-Mariner is one of my favorite fantastic four villains so far and he just keeps popping up. So, I assume he was one of the most popular back then too. However, the Puppet Master is one of my least favorites. I just don’t like him. There is nothing special about him in my opinion so when I heard they brought him back for another issue, I was disappointed.

However, the action was mainly with Sub-Mariner, which I enjoyed. It was fun to see them battle under the sea. Lee came up with a lot of twists for him to throw at our Fantastic Four.

Of course, Sue was kidnapped again. I swear that girl is never going to learn. I felt so bad for Reed in this issue. He really does love Sue. All he wants is to win her heart, but she is stringing him along. My distaste for her is just growing and growing as I read more. But my love of the Thing is growing. He was my least favorite at the beginning, but I think he might be my favorite now. He has changed the most over the course of the series. And I love seeing his growing relationship with Alicia. It is so sweet.

It was a good issue, especially for one that has the Puppet Master in it.

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