Comic Review: Journey Into Mystery (1952) #84

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #84 Thor may have the strength to stand up to the deadly Executioner, but does Donald Blake have the courage to share his heart with the lovely nurse Jane Foster? In the tiny country of San Diablo, political leader the Executioner has developed an international reputation for cruelty! Can Thor fight … More Comic Review: Journey Into Mystery (1952) #84

Comic Review: Fantastic Four (1961) #5

Fantastic Four (1961) #5 Let’s see, what’s the most awesome thing about this issue? The first appearance of Dr. Doom? Thing wearing an eyepatch, pretending to be a pirate? Yeah, it’s all pretty great. (Synopsis from Writer: Stan Lee Illustrator: Jack Kirby Published: July 01, 1962 Fantastic Four (1961) #5 is the first appearance … More Comic Review: Fantastic Four (1961) #5

Comic Review: Journey Into Mystery (1952) #83

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #83 Introducing…the Mighty Thor! The most exciting super hero of all time! When the Stone-Men from Saturn invade Earth, only the lame Dr. Donald Blake can stop them — but he stands no chance, not until he strikes a wooden stick on the ground and finds himself transformed into Thor, God … More Comic Review: Journey Into Mystery (1952) #83

Update on my Reviews

As some of you know, I read pretty much everything. I read Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Contemporary, Erotica, Poetry, Historical, Mystery, and sometimes even a little Horror. (Though it is rare.) Well, I have recently started reading Marvel comic books. It was something that I had been thinking about doing for about a year and I … More Update on my Reviews