My Snippets – #VSS365

There is a game on twitter under the hashtag #vss365, which stands for Very Short Stories, 365 Days a Year. While I do not play every day, I have recently started playing and I decided to add my snippets here on my blog. Stay tuned for updates!

Snippet 1:

Silky and sweet. That voice in the #radio. The one that haunted me still.

Holding hands in the halls. Kissing under the stars. Crying in the rain. Waiting for the phone.

I cut him off without a second thought. Just as he had done so many years before.

Snippet 2:

The glass shard cut into my hand as I tightened my grip. Blood dripped onto the white marble floor.

One corner of his mouth tilted up. “Oh darling. You truly are an #oddity.”

Clenching my jaw, I stepped closer to the stranger. “You speak as if you know me.”

“I do.”

Snippet 3:

Glancing around at the #damage, I winced. This room had been my home—my haven—but now, bodies littered the floor, holes peppered the walls, and the balcony’s glass door was shattered. My hand trembled, dropping the glistening knife. This place held nothing for me now.

Snippet 4:

“Would you stop #killing everyone we meet?” He groaned.

My brows creased as I glanced down at the corpse. “But…”

“How about next time you wait until I give the signal?”

I wiped my dagger across my pants, cleaning off the blood. “Well that’s not nearly as much fun.”

Snippet 5:

Cupping my face, he gently stroked my cheek. “But I thought you were dead.”

“I was.”

He pulled me into his chest and whispered, “I don’t understand, but I don’t care.”

“It’s called #resurrection.” I smiled up at him. “And the gods have sent me back for a reason.”


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