Works In Progress

Secrets and Shadows


Status: With Beta Readers

This is the first book in a five-book fantasy series.

In a world where humans live amicably among mages, sifters, and fairies, one threatens to destroy the peace. After an attack on her home, Hazel must journey to the far away kingdom of Reshon. When she meets a fairy prince on the road, he insists on escorting her, which could reveal more than she ever expected to find. Will she fight of the shadows or will his secrets stand in her way?


Summer of Goodbyes


Status: Awaiting Revisions (Draft 1 – Completed)

This is the first book in a six-book NA romance series.

Bex has spent her whole life taking care of those around her, but when summer comes, her friends decide its time for Bex to let go and have fun. Only things don’t go exactly as planned. The days, until she has to say goodbye to everyone she loves, are numbered. Will Nate be able to pull her out of her shell in time?

Songs of the Deep


Status: Drafting – Current WIP

This is a standalone NA Romantic Fantasy.

When her Siren’s song fails to work, Vera must face the consequences of allowing a human to see her tail. She is sent ashore to hunt the human and bring him back to her king, but things do not go according to plan. Will she do her duty or will she sacrifice herself for the mysterious stranger?

Through the Falls


Status: Plotting

Shhh … It’s a secret.

A Falling Comet


Status: BRAND NEW – Plotting

This is a standalone NA romance.

Comet has loved her best friend for her whole life, but when he marries Mrs. Right, Comet is left drunk and alone. That is until she decides to spend the night in the arms of a stranger. What happens when she finds out he isn’t some random guy, but someone who is going to be faced with on a daily basis? Will she be able to convince him to forget their night together or will he bring her world tumbling down?