17098485_416085138741302_7619563180167156287_n.jpgK.J. White is from a small town in Central Florida. She grew up as the youngest in a large family. She was a tomboy most of her childhood and enjoyed playing outdoors. Despite being covered in mud most of the time, she fell in love with reading at a young age. She would hide in her treehouse and read everything she came into contact with.

K.J. White started writing at a young age too. She wrote her first short story when she was seven and has never stopped. After attempting short stories, poems and songs, she has decided that full length novels are her favorite to write. She is currently working on two different novels, which she feels extremely passionately about.

K.J. White is currently a student at University of Maryland University College and is majoring in English. Her dream is to become a successful author and to start her own literary journal.

K.J. White is also an animal lover. She is the mother of three beautiful dogs that she rescued and plans to continue to rescue many more. In the past, she volunteered at an animal shelter and looks forward to her next opportunity to help save an animal in need.